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Continous Service Improvement is key to reliable IT services. We dedicate our time to continous improvement, and therefore we are always looking for better ways of ensuring our clients are happy.

We provide IT solutions to businesses, insititutions, goverment bodies among others. Over the years we have managed to remain competitive as a result of our continued commitment to source the best products at the most competitive prices, both locally and internationally.


Your computers, printers, network switches, servers and all IT hardware need periodic service as per manufactures specifications to guarantee you excellent service and performance. We provide preventive maintenance service to ensure that your equipment I in top-notch state. We schedule proactive maintenance and periodically service all IT equipment and network components. This will ensure that your equipment will give you full life span without unnecessary crashes.


In an industry where timing is everything, information and communications technology equipment (ICT) manufacturers face a myriad of challenges in designing products that address the rapidly changing needs of their customers.
We provide a fully integrated solution for worldwide compliance and market access.


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To be recognized as a leader in quality and value and as a critical component of corporate strategy, to be loved by our clients and staff, and to be showered in accolades and bonus checks.
To keep offering and supporting our customers with reliable technologies and solutions to help them stay at the competitive edge of their businesses.
Rick Office Solutions is a Kenyan Private ICT Company fully registered under Section 486 of the Company's Act of the Laws of Kenya.We therefore fit to be your reliable IT solutions Partner . Click here to view Our Profile
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Our systems engineers will analyze your IT needs, plan, design and implement an enterprise IT architecture that suits your needs.Talk to us and we shall guide you through the process to ensure that you end up with a reliable systems solution that will meet your needs. Whether you need a database, mail server or a domain controller, you can depend on us for expert implementation.Our Micrsosoft solutions include:
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange Server
Implementing Microsoft Network Infrastructure.
Every business needs some kind of phone system and any vendor can sell you phones that ring. Clients choose Rick Office Solutions Ltd because our business phone systems and services are not only reliable and affordable, but they also help business owners and managers sell, service, and collaborate with ease. Whether you prefer to deploy an on-premises solution or one that's hosted completely in the cloud, Rick Office Solutions Ltd makes it easy to do business with us.

Rick Office Solutions Ltd provides a unique hybrid-hosted environment by offering a best-of-breed approach. With the communication solution hardware residing on the customer's site, elements such as call security, connectivity options (PRI, POTS, etc.) and call control remain at the discretion of the customer. In order to increase efficiency and flexibility into the communication solution, the user and administrative control panels reside in the cloud, hosted within one of two Rick Office Solutions Ltd data centers and available anywhere, anytime with a network connection.
Out-of-the-box software solutions rarely meet all your needs. Our applications are built with one business in mind� yours. Focusing on your business, our applications will aid in improving, streamlining, and even automating your business workflow.
Our applications adhere to a 4-stage lifecycle, while testing at all stages, to insure the most reliable and rewarding solution for our clients.
1. Discovery & Analysis

A thorough discovery of what our clients need and want in their custom solution is the most important stage in developing. Its more likely an application will meet all its goals when they have been properly identified in the beginning. We will go over all of your application�s goals and requirements with you up-front to insure its success and its timely delivery.
2. Maintenance & Support

The largest of the lifecycle stages requires developers that are knowledgeable of your application and the technologies implemented to successfully maintain, update, and expand your applications. For this reason you want a company that has the longevity to maintain your application long after its development. Custom applications are important investments in your business. Don�t be left in limbo by a company that is not.
If your company is looking to leverage latest technology and help preserve energy, high emission polution and improve it's accessability, Rick Tech will tailor solution to fit your environment and make your business 100% productive and up. Often it's hard to make a choice between three technologies we offer, but our certified specialists are here to make that task easy. Not many businesses out there is aware of this technology at this momnent, and they still think it is an expensive way to run their businesses and not often reliable as having old-school hardware servers grinding your electric grid and making noise in your data center or office.

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1 KENYA NATIONAL EXAMINION COUNCIL Service Level Agreement-Tally Printers Maintenance
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